Pitsford Reservoir 2

More pictures from the visit to the reservoir.

Click each picture to enlarge

A male mallard

A group of mallards, male and female

A pair of lapwings

Canada geese, feeding

A greylag goose

But I was particularly intrigued by this scene.  Can birds really read?  Have they accepted the sign literally without noticing the spelling mistake?  Are they waiting for their apples?


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8 responses to “Pitsford Reservoir 2

  1. 🙂 I like seeing the Lapwings & Greylag Goose – I’ve never seen those! Not exactly likely over here.

  2. I have never seen a lapwing! Curious little tufts on the head. Thank you! Enjoyed all the others as well.

  3. I’m impressed you got that close to the lapwings – beautiful but too skittish for me to ‘catch’ ….
    The sign is brilliant! I couldn’t help but laugh and the images it brings to mind are bizarre – or maybe that’s just me?! 😀

    • They are generally very difficult, but these two, and several friends, were at the water’s edge beside the causeway – until they saw me taking an interest!
      I found the last scene laughable too – but perhaps that’s just me !!

  4. I especially enjoyed seeing the lapwing so close. Great images!

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