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Abstract 290 ‘Shades of red’

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July 24, 2017 · 8:00 am

Invasive Bindweed

Bindweed is a menace in any garden.  It is almost impossible to eradicate and grows at an enormous speed.  In this image it is shown ‘strangling’ a young echinops flower head.  The only redeeming feature of this invader is its almost pristine white funnel-shaped flowers.

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Campanula Canterbury Bells

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July 20, 2017 · 8:00 am


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July 18, 2017 · 8:00 am

Done fishin.


July 16, 2017 · 8:00 am

Abstract ‘June 2017’

This image was created a month ago, both to reflects my own feelings and to symbolize and express something of the hurt, heartache and anger caused by a sequence of horrendous events  –  terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and the Grenfell Tower Block fire.

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School yard at playtime


July 12, 2017 · 8:00 am