Blue cornfield

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August 26, 2016 · 8:00 am

Out of this world


August 24, 2016 · 8:00 am

Ageing door

It is  sometimes said that ‘every picture tells a story’.  On this occasion there seems to be a complete saga covering a long history.  There have clearly been security problems, indicated by the blocking of key holes, the replacement of the glass pane with mesh , and a further stronger metal grid has been added.  Layers of carelessly applied paint reveal changes in taste and colour preferences.

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Around the garden yesterday (8)



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Losing the thread

This image is created from a single thread of cotton dropped randomly on to a sheet of white paper.


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Grasses swaying in the breeze

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A touch of watercolour filter was used.

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Pebble pattern and texture


August 14, 2016 · 8:00 am