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Mystery Man




Created after reading about the early works of Picasso and Braque, this is an experimental image abstracted from a photograph taken a few years ago.


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Lichen on the rocks

I was attracted by the rich colours and fascinating textures of this patch of lichen on a granite outcrop.  There is a hint of a strange landscape, perhaps on another planet!


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Rhythm of the waves

Following the previous post,  this sequence offers another way of evoking sound through the visual image.





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Abstract 230 ‘I see music’

From the early years of the twentieth century  the development, first,  of electronic instruments and then of other new ways of making, recording and transmitting sound, caused a rethink of the definition of the word ‘music’.  Such developments led to some composers creating works that could not be adequately communicated through conventional notation.  Various forms of graphic notation were adopted

This image, although it is primarily intended to be a visual abstract, suggests perhaps a relationship with graphic notation.  Maybe you can imagine the mood and the qualities of sound the hieroglyphics and symbols suggest.  I think Kandinsky might have been interested!



The pattern was derived from  reflections on water.


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Frozen in time?

Two standing stones  –  or two Neolithic sun worshippers frozen in time?

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Frozen (1 of 1)




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Magic moments


Magic mo0ments


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Abstract 223 ‘Censorship’

Abstract 223  'Censorship'


April 17, 2015 · 8:00 am

When you drive through a storm

After an horrendous drive through storms and gale force winds it was an enormous relief when the familiar silhouette and lights of home gradually emerged


Safe home


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Standing alone

Standing alone


Yes, it is a Neolithic standing stone  –  but somehow there is a stillness and quietness about the scene that suggests to me a young shepherdess tending her sheep.


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When Spring is in the air …..

When Spring


April 11, 2015 · 8:00 am

Bamburgh Castle at sunset


Situated on the north east coast of England, near to the border with Scotland and just a few miles south of Lindisfarne, Bamburgh  was a military stronghold for many centuries, even pre-dating the Roman Conquest.  Following the Norman Conquest it occupied a strategic position during the numerous wars against the Scots..  I t was the seat of the powerful Dukes of Northumbria, the Percy family  –  best known to many through Henry Percy (Hotspur in Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part One)  In 1464, during the Wars of the Roses, Bamburgh became the first castle in England to be destroyed by gunfire.  It never regained its status as a powerful fortress.


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The spray of the breaking wave

Breaking wave copy


April 7, 2015 · 8:00 am

And a Blackbird Sang


And a Blackbird Sang

In deepest pain
I sought a  lover’s arms.
In solace and in warmth
I lay relieved and soothed.

I thought of all who lay alone,
hurt, distressed, wounded without redress,
throughout the troubled world
and wept hot tears of love.

Just then outside on frozen bough
a blackbird sang his morning ode of joy,
and smiling through the tears
I saw all pain and love as one.

Margaret Gill


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Water colours

It was the first day of April and the showers were in keeping with folk tradition. The raindrops on the window pane softly diffused the pastel colours of the plants on the patio beyond.







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The cracked glass (3)

The third interpretation in this series comprises an abstract image derived from the cracked glass.





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