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Beside the bridleway

The bridleway stretches for almost one mile, fringed on both sides, at this time, by cow parsley throughout its entire length.  I am not a great lover of cow parsley, but I am attracted by the ‘architecture’ of the growth beneath the canopy of white florets.

I have chosen to lightly posterize this image to draw attention to the pattern, lines and textures rather than present a straight photo of cow parsley.


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Pond fountain

My small garden pond  –  and it is very small  –  is a constant source of pleasure.  The sound of running water, the changing patterns of bubbles, the flashes of gold from the fish, the leaves and flowers of the water lilies etc, all combine to soothe the frenzied brow and create a relaxing diversion from the busy world.  High on this ‘purr list’ is the sight of water gushing joyfully from the fountain.  In this photo I have attempted to capture an impression of the moment rather than a freeze-frame replica.

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The Old Fishseller revisited

For the benefit of those who think I’m completely crazy I’ve highlighted the images I saw within yesterday’s picture  –  the fish, top left; the fishseller beneath, wearing a headscarf and looking towards the bottom left corner (the shape of the nose and the cheek bone suggested age!)


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The Old Fishseller

Sometimes pictures within pictures emerge unexpectedly and uninvited!  For example, the image below began life as a photo of some strands of seaweed.  I decided to remove the background and allow just a few of the strands to form a random, abstract pattern.  I also decided to use just two contrasting colours.  The result was the first image below:

Image 1

But when I rotated the image 90 degrees clockwise (Image 2) I distinctly saw a fish and the head of an old fishseller.  Or is it just my imagination?

Image 2


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The birth of a fern

It is fascinating at this time to watch, day by day, the fronds of ferns slowly unfurl and the blades of the young leaves take shape.  The circular shape at the end of the frond figures prominently in Maori art.  It is known to the Maoris as a koru and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.


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Raindrops on the table (2)

I feel this black and white transformation of yesterday’s picture conveys quite a different feel.  The liquid quality of the original has solidified and the raindrops have become as pebbles in the bed of a stream!  Both pictures have their merits and I’m not sure which I prefer.  But then, I don’t have to choose!

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Raindrops on the table

Following heavy showers overnight, raindrops collected on the glass top of the patio table and formed attractive abstract patterns.  The teal colouring of the table’s base is reflected through the wet surface.

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