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Beside the Bridle Way



June 6, 2018 · 8:00 am

May time

A scene characteristic of the British countryside at this time  –  the combination of cow parsley, rape and (on a good day) a clear blue sky.


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Cow parsley (anthriscus sylvestris) bordering the buttercup field

This image is a study in monochrome, silhouettes and textures.

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Beside the bridleway

The bridleway stretches for almost one mile, fringed on both sides, at this time, by cow parsley throughout its entire length.  I am not a great lover of cow parsley, but I am attracted by the ‘architecture’ of the growth beneath the canopy of white florets.

I have chosen to lightly posterize this image to draw attention to the pattern, lines and textures rather than present a straight photo of cow parsley.


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The first Red Campion

Much of my photography serves as a diary recording or celebrating experiences and happenings, however small, as they occur.  Today’s picture belongs to this category.  Three days ago, beside the bridle way, I glimpsed the first red campion of the year, nestling beneath the young cow parsley.  At present it is alone, but no doubt it will soon be joined by others.  It may not be a technically accomplished photo but the joy it records was immense.

Red Campion


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Cow parsley in winter

I like the ‘sparkler’ effect of the cow parsley heads during winter time.  The flowers have long since finished and the seeds have been dispersed, but the spiky remains hold their own attraction.

Cow Parsley in Winter

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The Ice Skater

This image was initially an unsuccessful photo of a ‘cow parsley’ seed head protruding through the snow.  To ‘rescue’ it  I decided to remove the texture of the snow and heighten the contrast.  There was little improvement, but when I flipped it horizontally and rotated it 90 degrees anti-clockwise the eccentric ice skater emerged.  Just a bit of fun!

The Ice Skater


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