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Gallery Series I/8

I would like you, the viewer, to visualise each image as a softly lit large scale canvas (say, approximately, 8 feet square) on a white gallery wall and imagine quietly contemplating the abstract pattern. Attention should focus on a feeling response rather than a rational analysis.  The use of the magnifier to enlarge the image may be helpful.

(Please see also the post introducing the series  https://lagill6.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/introducing-the-gallery-series/)

Gallery Series I/8


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Abstract 250

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December 16, 2015 · 8:00 am

Sunlight and shadows

As autumn encroaches the foliage on the cotinus becomes less dense and allows the sunlight to filter through, casting shadow patterns on the leaves beneath.  Textures and colours become prominent.  Fleetingly, illuminated abstract patterns emerge, contrasting with the shadowy surroundings.


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Today in the garden


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Change is in the air

The photos below were taken during a stroll along the bridle way on Sunday morning, the last day of September.  There are clear indications of the transition from late summer into autumn.


Angle Shades Moth


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Sunlit grasses

Although the buttercup has suffered from the persistent rains, the cow parsley and grasses have positively thrived.  The verge beside the bridle way is waist high.

The picture below was taken in morning sunlight, looking across the field adjacent to my garden.

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Buttercup time

It was my hope to be posting photos of the meadow in its buttercup season  –  the meadow in which the dandelions bloomed gustily a few weeks ago.  Sadly, the weather has been against the buttercup.  Its early promise was cut short by the rain, wind and cold temperatures.  Instead, I am posting photos of the same meadow taken in late May two years ago.  I was hoping for a repetition!


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