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For meditation

Stay with this image for a while.  Hear the gentle lapping of the water at the sea’s edge.  Feel it  playing around your toes.  Notice the glow of the late afternoon sun on the groynes  –  feel its warmth.  Taste the salt on your lips.  Sense the soothing rhythm of the calm, blue sea.  Relax.

That was my holiday!





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Simply Blue


February 16, 2017 · 8:00 am

A quiet moment


January 15, 2017 · 8:00 am

Summer day


June 21, 2016 · 8:00 am

Peace in our time

SEASON’S  GREETINGS  to all and especially to regular viewers of this site.  I greatly appreciate your visits and hope you continue to enjoy what you find here.  I wish you good health, happiness and peace in our time.



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Japanese Garden, Jersey

The photos below were taken during a visit to the gardens at Samares Manor on the island of Jersey.









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Just a passing thought


An empty beach, a calm sea, a gentle breeze and a blue sky with a solitary cloud gliding slowly and silently by, evoking wistful thoughts  –  and memories of Wordsworth!


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