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The Passing of Time

It is the season of the year when ‘time’, in one form or another, often impinges on our consciousness  –  reflections on past  occasions and happenings, Christmas festivities, the New Year, plans and wishes for the future  etc.   The image below seeks to express the passing of time.  The material is derived from a newspaper advertisement for Time magazine.


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Abstract ‘Temptation’


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Where have all the green ones gone?

With apologies to Pete Seeger, the title seems appropriate!  The chocolates have been passed around several times  –  children and grandchildren have made their choice.  Now it’s grandad’s turn.  But, surprise surprise, all the green oneas have been taken!




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25th December 2019!

Yes, this picture was taken at lunchtime on Christmas Day, ie., yesterday.



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Season’s Greetings

SEASON’S  GREETINGS  to all, and especially to regular viewers of this site.  I greatly appreciate your visits and hope you continue to enjoy what you find here.  I wish you good health, happiness and peace in our time.


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The Carol Singer

This ‘carol singer’ is, in fact, a simple seaweed pattern as found on the beach  –  nothing has been added and nothing taken away.  Only the background has been removed and the palette reduced to white on blue.



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Camera Sketch (12)

This ‘architectural’ image is from a photograph of decaying agapanthus leaves.


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