Pitsford Reservoir 1

Two days ago there was a break in this seemingly endless spell of wet weather.  The sun shone; the air was bright and crisp  –  it was an invitation to get out and about with the camera.  I decided to visit the local reservoir  –  a fortuitous choice.

Pitsford Reservoir at this time is a busy place.  It is a popular winter resort for geese, particularly Canada geese and Greylags.

Click each picture to enlarge

It was a time for basking in the sun and for ablutions.

This picture shows just a portion of a very long ‘convoy’ of geese, comprising both Canada and greylags.

Inevitably, there were many gulls.

At frequent intervals huge flocks of birds  –  I couldn’t identify them (perhaps someone can?), but there were more than 150 in each flock  –  appeared from ‘nowhere’ and circled above the reservoir.

Fly past


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2 responses to “Pitsford Reservoir 1

  1. Seems the birds are very much enjoying the wet weather. The birds here east coast USA have had to put up with very cold temps and lots of snow.

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