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Bawdsey Quay: shore and shells

At low tide the Deben estuary exposes mud flats comprised of London Clay.  The flats are a favourite haunt for fossil hunters.  Sieving through the clay will regularly produce bird and fish remains, vertebrae, small sharks’ teeth and also fossil wood.

From the flats shingle banks rise steeply, the top representing the high water mark.  Along this tide line there is a belt, often several metres wide, containing an abundance of seashells  –  as can be seen below.


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Suffolk in April

A glance at the sky indicates the time of year as heavy shower clouds are being rushed along by a strong breeze, creating characteristic ‘sunshine and showers’ weather.  Beyond the reeds the rape seed is coming into flower.  On the right, the track leads round to the Martello tower.

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Birches by the wayside

I take many pictures of trees  –  perhaps too many!  –  but the birch takes pride of place.


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What is it?

Please can someone tell me what this is?  It is certainly not the usual star fish which has only five limbs, but I have been unable to identify it through Google.  It was found on the shore at low tide on the Deben estuary in Suffolk at the point where the river joins the North Sea.  It measures approximately 11cms in diameter.


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Cruel Sea

There is something strangely attractive about the decaying posts of groynes, finally defeated by the ravages of the sea.  For me, their shapes, colours and textures are irresistible.  Their gnarled turrets and towers often suggest a land of myths and legends  –  especially so when they are nestled in dark grey/brown seaweed.


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Reeds, Reflections and Ripples

Taken on a showery April afternoon, the scurrying clouds adding their own reflections to those of the reeds.

Reeds, Reflections and Ripples


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Bawdsey Lakes

Lakes have formed behind the sea defences described in yesterday’s post.


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