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From a walk around the garden in June









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Feeding gull on jewelled beach rock




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Buttercup field


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Faces of Africa (4)

This is the final selection in the African mask series  –  at least for the time being!






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Abstract 235


Although this abstract is in monochrome, its lines and tonal contrasts create an energy and movement that I find pleasing and full of vitality.


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In the footsteps of Piet Mondrian – at a considerable distance!



Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) probably produced the most easily recognised style of all painters.  His trademark grids of horizontal and vertical black lines on a white background with squares or rectangles of primary colours immediately identify the artist.  And yet Mondrian, in his early career, was a traditional Dutch landscape painter.  Gradually his work became increasingly abstract, particularly after he became familiar with the Cubist paintings of Picasso and Braques.  Any hint of figurative representation disappeared and the geometric abstract  style evolved. Balance, rhythm and harmony became dominant features.   Mondrian’s mature works are generally accepted as the first examples of purely abstract paintings.

I enjoyed creating my own ‘in the style of Mondrian’ image using Photoshop.


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Just think about it! (21)

‘It is Duchamp who is to blame for the whole “is it art?” debate.  As far as he was concerned the role in society of an artist was akin to that of a philosopher; it didn’t even matter if he or she could paint or draw.  An artist’s job was not to give aesthetic pleasure  –  designers could do that; it was to step back from the world and attempt to make sense or comment on it through the presentation of ideas that had no functional purpose other than themselves.’                           Will Gompertz


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