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Clips and pins

I feel this abstract image has the qualities of a woodblock print  but it began life as a photo of my wife’s pin box!



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Grasses and ferns

I was attracted by the contrasts between the grasses and the ferns  –  the juxtaposed shapes, textures, patterns and the freshness of the different shades of green.



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Sunlight on a New Forest stream (2)


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 See also  Sunlight on New Forest stream (1)


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A quiet smile

This portrait was one of a series that included an earlier post, A private moment.  In each case there is an enigmatic quality about the sitter’s expression


With this image I experimented to discover whether moving the face within the frame affects the viewer’s interpretation of the smile.  Obviously, the captions below are purely personal suggestions.


1     Leaving friends following an amusing incidwnt


2     ‘I’ll close my eyes and you hide’.


3     Secretly watching from an upper window as her child plays happily with playmates.


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‘It isn’t raining rain, you know … ‘


The rain had ceased and the raindrops on the window pane were backlit by the late afternoon sun.  I captured the image and transferred it to the computer.  On the screen the image became something quite different.  I saw not raindrops but a mass of faceless people gathered together for an outdoor meeting  –  perhaps a peace rally or something similar.  It is a quiet gathering.  (You may find it helpful to half close your eyes!)

Out of curiosity, I reversed the colours and was intrigued to note how the mood had changed.  It now became more noisy and boisterous;  an angry scene, more aggressive  –  perhaps a political protest or passionate supporters at a major sports event..



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Fireworks display in the Forest

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Seville gate and patio


May 19, 2014 · 8:00 am