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Good bye old news!

As the year ends distorted journalistic accounts of past events are put to the torch  –  but at least the ashes  form an interesting pattern.


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Early morning

I have to confess that I am not naturally a particularly early riser but occasionally, possibly in response to my guilt feeling,  I make a special effort, and the results can be very rewarding.   As can be seen below,  in those early hours the light is soft, surfaces glisten, the shadows are long and the air is silent.  It is a magical time.

At the rear of the house the early rays illuminated the tombstones in the neighbouring churchyard.


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Three letter abstract

I think this pattern creates a pleasing abstract design.  But, since it’s the party season, can you spot the deliberate mistake?


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The returning wise men?

I suppose they could be.  There are certainly three of them  –  and they’re empty handed, so possibly they’ve delivered their gifts.  And they’re setting off into the desert as if they’re from afar.

But just one moment.  I’m not sure they’re all men, and their clothes look remarkably modern.  You’d think they would at least each have a camel or a donkey and, perhaps, would be on speaking terms!  It seems there is also a cameraman with them.  Now that’s a surprise!

The truth is the photo was taken about four years ago on the dunes of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.  The positioning of the walkers was fortuitous and was not contrived.


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‘All I want for Christmas …..’

Amid the chaos of his bedroom, the young teenager dreams of the gift he would really, really like  …….. a new guitar!

And to all viewers, a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  May your wishes be granted too, both at Christmas and throughout 2013.


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Abstract 139 ‘Reflection’

I was intrigued by the abstract pattern of the reflections in my neighbours’ window.


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Frost landscapes

We often think of frost patterns as being geometric, crystalline, in shape, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes cloud-like, landscape forms produce quite an ethereal effect.

Frost 1 a

Frost 2a

Frost 5 a


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