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What colour is the pink poppy?

Below is a photograph of a pink oriental poppy.  The second and third images are enlarged sections of the same photograph: they have not been manipulated in any other way.

What colour is the poppy?

How many different shades can be identified?

Which of these is the ‘real’ colour of the poppy?

What colour is the poppy?




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Abstract ‘Still Waters’

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June 27, 2019 · 8:00 am

Homage to the humble weed

By definition, a weed is an unwanted plant: an irritant that  upsets our sense of order and tidiness!  But, when observed closely, a weed often exhibits interesting features such as form, shape, pattern, texture and colour.  It can provide source material for creative development and expression

Each image in this series is an interpretation of a small weed (varying between  5 and 12 cms) growing in the cracks of my garden path.  In some instances the original background has been removed to emphasise the shape.

It is tempting to see a similarity in shape with artefacts or creatures e.g  an item of jewellery

or, perhaps, a prehistoric creature?!


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Arrival of the first Water Lily of the season


June 23, 2019 · 8:00 am

Around the garden yesterday


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Water deities?


While I was processing this picuture a face seemed to appear  …  and then, a second!



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Abstract ‘Simply Red’



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