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A wet welcome for Spring lambs!



March 27, 2016 · 8:00 am

Water colours

It was the first day of April and the showers were in keeping with folk tradition. The raindrops on the window pane softly diffused the pastel colours of the plants on the patio beyond.







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Bank Holiday Monday!

And, of course, the weather was predictably dull, wet and generally miserable!  But an enthusiastic photographer is not easily discouraged.  Beyond the raindrops on the window pane the scene provided a pleasing mix of patterns, textures and soft tones


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Stormy weather in Tresco Chanel

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Water, water everywhere!

The persistent rains of recent weeks, augmented now by flood water, have transformed normally dry roadside ditches into small streams, encouraging vigorous new shoots even in January.

The hedgerow behind the ditch contains the dead (but, in its own way, attractive) growth of the rosebay willowherb and similar plants.

In the field beyond the hedge, land that was previously marshy has become a small lake.


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After the snow

As if by magic, the thick carpet of snow and ice completely disappeared overnight.  A significant rise in temperature and continuous rain removed all evidence of the wintry scene.  Bright skies and sunshine replaced the heavy grey clouds of past days.  At the edge of the neighbouring sheep field a series of small puddles formed, each creating its own ‘world’ and reflecting the blue skies above.

As in an earlier post, I have used a touch of watercolour filter.

Click on the photo to enlarge if required.

Puddle after thaw


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Puddles on the roof

The day had been wet, dull and generally miserable.  Not a day for venturing out with a camera.  But when I looked through the bedroom window my attention was drawn to the patterns caused by rain falling into the puddles on the flat roof of the garage below.  There is always a picture worth taking somewhere!


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