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Geese at Pitsford

The pictures below are a further legacy of my visit to Pitsford Reservoir.  With a little assistance from Photoshop I have attempted to produce sketch-like images  of a group of Canada geese.

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Patterns from Pitsford

Looking back through pictures from my visit to Pitsford Reservoir I was attracted to the patterns formed by groups of birds.  The two images below have been processed in a manner that draws attention to the ‘pattern  dimension’.  The patterns have not been manipulated, just isolated.

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Pitsford Reservoir 2

More pictures from the visit to the reservoir.

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A male mallard

A group of mallards, male and female

A pair of lapwings

Canada geese, feeding

A greylag goose

But I was particularly intrigued by this scene.  Can birds really read?  Have they accepted the sign literally without noticing the spelling mistake?  Are they waiting for their apples?


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Something fishy!

Down at the reservoir, while the coots were cooting and the swans were swanning, across the causeway four anglers were …..  well, what were they doing?  Two boats, each with two anglers, were nestled together, but only one angler had a fishing rod and, even more strangely, he had two rods in one hand!!  It was all very odd and I’ve no idea what was going on!


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At the reservoir

At the local reservoir, residents and seasonal visitors mingle freely.

Geese and friends

But, like human beings, some like to get away from the crowd.  Notice the camera-shy swan on the left of this photo!

Camera-shy swan

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