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Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh lighthouse is located on the East Norfolk coast in the UK.  This stretch of coast is notorious for its sandbanks and 70 sailing ships and 600 men were lost during a severe winter storm in 1789.  As a direct consequence of these events the lighthouse was built the following year, 1790.  Indeed, two were built at different heights but the lower of the two was demolished in 1883 when it was threatened by coastal erosion.

Despite being offiicially decomissioned in 1988, the lighthouse was ‘rescued’ by local enthusiasts and is the only independently operated lighthouse in the UK.

The tower is 85 feet tall and the lantern is 134 feet above sea level.  Three white flashes are repeated every 30 seconds and the light can be seen for 18 miles.  It is painted with red and white bands to distinguish it during the hours of daylight from a neighbouring lighthouse at Winterton.


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Dune grasses ‘Close encounter’

This abstract image is derived from a photograph of dune grass.


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Abstract 184

See Abstract 182 for an introductory comment for this group of abstract images.


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Flying high

And high above the geese passed by.  For me, the migratory flight of birds at altitude symbolizes a detachment from the pressures of everyday life.



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Fly past

Seagulls can be aggressive, marauding creatures, but on this occasion it was a delight to watch their fly past display in groups of  varying size and pseudo formations.


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Bark screen

A few months ago I posted a series of images of tree bark.  I have now brought them together to form a bark screen.  I was, and still am, intrigued by the textures.

Click on the image to see the texture in greater detail.


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Abstract 183

See Abstract 182 for an introductory comment to this collection.


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