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Cotinus after rain


August 30, 2015 · 8:00 am

Spanish boot sale

This photo was taken several years ago  –  before Spain became part of the Euro zone, as the price tag (and possibly the fashion) indicates.  It was a particularly colourful and attractive display  –  a memorable a Spanish side street.


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Abstract 232

This abstract pattern relies heavily on its lighting, its limited palette and, most particularly, on the many, many lines.  I find the lines especially interesting because, despite their number, I can find no two lines that are exactly parallel with each other!  For me, this linear variation produces a sense of movement and vitality –  a sort of chaotic energy.


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Cornwall (3) Lanyon Quoit


Cornwall. Lanyon-1


‘Quoit’ is the Cornish word for a dolmen.  A dolmen was constructed using three or more large stones supporting a huge capstone, as seen in this photo.  The dolmen (quoit) formed the entrance to a tomb or burial chamber and was covered with earth and small rocks for protection

The Lanyon Quoit was probably originally built around 4000 BCE, but it was rebuilt in 1824.  The original earth covering had already disappeared over the centuries and the exposed stone structure had collapsed during a particularly severe storm on 19 October 1819



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Cornwall (2) ‘Men-an-Tol’

ornwall 15 rev (1 of 1)-2

The Men-an-Tol (‘Holed Stone’) is believed to have been constructed in the Bronze Age but not inits present form.  Research suggests that the stones were once part of a circle

Like ‘The Merry Maidens’ a good deal of folklore surrounds this group of stones  In particular the holed stone became associated with healing and with fertility rites.  It was believed that a young woman who passed seven times through the hole (18″ diameter) would soon become pregnant.  A child suffering from Rickets could be cured by passing it, naked, through the hole three times

The  sculptor Barbara Hepworth lived and worked in Cornwall and the influence of the surrounding landscape and stones is apparent in in her sculptures.  Indeed, a hole penetrating her sculptures is a trademark feature. (See my post Around the Barbara Hepworth Garden)


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Cornwall (1) The ‘Merry Maidens’

Prehistoric monuments, such as stone circles, megaliths or menhirs (standing stones) and quoits, provide interesting features in the landscape of the British Isles.  The best known examples (Stonehenge and Avebury) are familiar to most, but they are not alone  –  more than 1300 stone circles have been recorded in the British Isles  and more than 10000 standing stones.

The monuments have their origin in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages (broadly between 4000 and 1800 BCE).  Precise dating is notoriously difficult because they do not respond well to carbon dating techniques and there is an absence of artefacts that might be used for guidance.  Similarly there is doubt about their purpose(s).  Specialists in many disciplines, but with a shared  interest  –  eg., geologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, antiquarians, experts in folklore and legends etc  –  now pool their knowledge to shed light on a distant age.

Not surprisingly, over the centuries these intriguing phenomena have often been explained through legend and folklore.  In the case of the Merry Maidens stone circle  the nineteen stones were once innocent girls who were encouraged to dance on the Sabbath by two evil spirits in the guise of pipers.  A sudden bolt of lightening from an otherwise clear blue sky transformed the girls and the pipers into their present state.

The image below is one of the pipers.


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Just a passing thought


An empty beach, a calm sea, a gentle breeze and a blue sky with a solitary cloud gliding slowly and silently by, evoking wistful thoughts  –  and memories of Wordsworth!


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Boats at Lerwick


Processed using a touch of watercolour filter.



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Abstract 240


August 14, 2015 · 8:00 am

Sea and cliffs

A touch of watercolour filter was used in the processing


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Seals and gannets

The Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland are famous for their wildlife including a wide range of seabirds and  mammals.  It is estimated that the seal population numbers approximately 6000 Common Seals and 3500 Grey Seals.

The Islands (and especially the Isle of Noss) have an estimated 20000 Gannets.  The Gannet is a large white bird with distinctive yellow head and a wing span of more than 6 feet.  It feeds by diving into the sea for fish and can dive from a height of 90+ feet, entering the water at a speed of more than 60 mph.   A Gannet can live to the age of 35 years.


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Abstract 220 ‘Race against time’


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Under the influence of Rousseau!


The photograph for this image was taken in my garden.  The processing was influenced by the paintings of Henri Rousseau  –  but omitting his trademark tiger!


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Beach huts at Mundesley

Bacton huts at Mundesley

When I view this picture of beach huts  –  standing shoulder to shoulder like books on a bookshelf  –  they seem to symbolize the determination of the owners to enjoy themselves.  The colours are almost aggressively cheerful and the huts maxinise the opportunity for pleasure and fun, regardless of the vagaries of the English weather!  Then, too, there is the camaraderie   …….  !

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Summer evening


August 2, 2015 · 8:00 am