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Nature’s backyard

On the verges beside the bridle way last year’s grasses and wild flowers, dead or decaying, frequently form interesting patterns that normally we ignore or, most often, just don’t see.


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Please, shut the gate!

The message is clear: the farmer would rather you didn’t cross his field, but if you do so will you please fasten the gate.  I was attracted by the texture –  the gate is almost tactile and contrasts with the strands of the twine  –  and by the colours.  OK the colours have been saturated a little to make the point.

Please, shut the gate!

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Bark pattern

I shot this photo because I liked so much the textures and pattern, but I would love to be able to name the component elements, such as the types of lichen, the black dots, the pale grey etc.

Bark pattern

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Just think about it! (5)

‘If there were dreams to sell  ……. what would you buy?’          Thomas Lovell Beddoes

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Patterns in the sand

It is a constant source of amazement that the ebbing sea can leave behind such intricate patterns in the sand.

Intricate sand pattern

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Evening meditation

Evening meditation


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Tanglewood roots

Years  – decades? centuries?  –  of pruning and layering have produced writhing confusion at the base of this hawthorn but it has fought back with gusto.

Tanglewood roots


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