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Let me introduce myself, I’m Louis.  My particular interests are photography, gardening, reading  –  especially historical fiction  –  and the arts in general.  I enjoy quiet rather than noise; shade rather than sun; classical rather than disco, and acknowledge a weakness for TV sport and Neighbours!  We, that is my wife and I, (our children having long since pursued their various paths), live on the edge of a small village, next to a sheep farm.  Our favourite holiday retreat is the Isles of Scilly.

In this blog I hope to share with you the world as I see it  –   especially, in my photography; the patterns, textures, shapes and colours of the natural environment.  I would also like us to explore a few thoughts, quotations and sayings and exchange a few opinions.  Note, I am emphasising  sharing and us.  I would welcome your comments and thoughts.

Please stay with me.  I’m sure you will enjoy the ride!

See also About My Photographs, Why am I doing this?

33 responses to “About

  1. Meg

    Quiet is good when you need to reflect, shade is good when you need refuge from light, classic is good when you need a model of perfection but do you also welcome change as a source of inspiration and stimulus?

  2. I agree that change can provide a source of inspiration. Perhaps, more particularly, it can energise the stimulus from which creativity grows. There is a direct correlation between the level of energy generated by the inspiration/stimulus and the effectiveness of the outcome, whatever that may be (eg., a work of art or a course of action etc). Wordsworth expressed the relationship succinctly when he described poetry as ’emotion recollected in tranquility’; the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling’.

    Inspiration is an illusive quality. It often seems that the harder we strive the more difficult it is to grasp. What we can do, however, is to fashion circumstances and conditions conducive to the creative process, and ‘change’ can be an important component in this context.

    Many thanks for your stimulating comment, Meg.

  3. Thanks for your visit in my world Louis and nice meeting you here via WordPress… I look forward to see more of your photography 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Thanks Dolly. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and intend to return, often.

  5. Roopaushree

    Hi! I admire your wonderful blog and so I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The details http://roopaushree.wordpress.com/?p=2665&preview=true

    • Roopaushree thank you for your flattering comments and for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am delighted that you enjoy my blog and I greatly appreciate your support, but I’m going to politely decline the nomination, simply because I prefer things to stay as they are – and that includes your frequent visits.
      Again, many thanks

  6. Gigi Galore

    I like the simplicity of your introduction! I have just seen you at Karen’s draw and shoot. Your photographs are lovely!

  7. FYI -Louis, got to tell you that your posts come to me via email., but when I click on them lately, I get a message that the post cannot be found.

    • Thanks Elena. I’m confused. Perhaps I’ve clicked a wrong icon at some point. Let me know if the problem persists. Computers and I are not friends – we don’t understand each other. My solutions are invariably achieved through trial and error. But do keep me informed.

  8. snowbirdpress

    I just came across your seeweed doodles… It’s such a pleasure to come upon the awareness of simple things. Many thanks.

  9. Stuart Peskett

    Some beautifuly taken and thought out images.
    Stu Peskett poet and photographer.

  10. Many thanks for your appreciative comment.

  11. Dear Louis,
    Alison and I enjoyed meeting you both today.

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs. The images of raindrops made me wonder if you have tried photographing through the raindrops on the window pane to see the lens effect of the view on the other side of the window?

    Best wishes,

    Malcolm Chisholm

    • Yes, we were pleased to meet you both too. It was good to bump into kindred spirits in unexpected circumstances.
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the photographs and hope you’ll find future offerings interesting.
      Regarding the raindrops, I understand your suggestion and there will be a picture posted in a few days time that offers a partial response. My problem is that the compact lacks the tight focus control compared with a SLR. Often it is a case of focusing on some other hard edged object on the same plane and then re-sighting the view. See what you think.

  12. Dear Louis,

    On your “About” page, your link “Why am I doing this?” points to agill6.wordpress.com/….. and generates an error page.

    Hope this helps,

    Malcolm Chisholm

  13. Thanks for drawing my attention to the link problem, Malcolm. I believe I’ve rectified it now, but I’m not very computer literate!

  14. hi louis, you have a very nice blog and wonderful photos.. even the simplest thing look so good under your lens.

    • Hi Linda
      I am delighted that you enjoy my blog and am honoured that you have chosen to nominate me for the Sunshine award. However, I am going to politely decline the nomination, simply because I prefer things to stay as they are – and that includes receiving your support and frequent visits.
      Again, many thanks.

  15. Chuck Robinson

    Louis, I layout a newsletter for a gardening club in Kansas City. May I use your picture of Allium chrisophii to illustrate an article on alliums?

  16. Noelle Darwent

    Louis, I found your Iris picture and would love to use it for the Hardy Plant Society Poster in North Yorkshire, England. I will reference your name. Would that be OK?

  17. Hello,

    I am writing a blog about the resurrection of my garden (non-commercial). You have this wonderful picture of Papaver Perry’s white. Would it be allowed to use this picture in my blog and share your link?
    Kind regards,

  18. Hi Louis! I’m so pleased to have discovered your blog today. I love your photographs of rain – I love rain itself, probably because it doesn’t rain much where I live at the moment. On a hot spring day (yes, it’s only spring here in Brisbane), your rain photos were delightfully refreshing. Happy to be your newest follower and I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos in my feed.

  19. hi Louis. Great blog, lovely photos. I am a fringe theatre producer, currently adapting Three Men in a Boat for a new production in May – just wondered whether you might grant permission for me to use your silhouette image of three men with a boat and a dog? Email me at jonathan@sptheatre.co.uk if this might be possible. Thanks! Jonathan Kaufman, Spontaneous Productions

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