The Water Abstracts

Water has repeatedly provided the subject and inspiration for my abstract images.  I am totally captivated by the constantly changing patterns caused by the play of light both on the surface and beneath.

I am happy to spend long periods of time wrapt in the magic of the sea transforming the shapes of rocks beneath or the kaleidoscopic play of sunlight on the waves.  It is a very personal, an intimate relationship with the subject bordering on a state of meditation.

Looking through my photos it is possible to identify five broad categories:
Sunlight on water  (eg., Water Abstract, Water Abstract 2 etc)
Sunlight through water (eg. Patterns under the water etc)
At the water’s edge  (eg. At the Water’s Edge etc)
Reflections  (eg.  Calm Sea, Reflections on the Broads etc)
Disturbance of the surface  (eg. Creating a Splash, Galaxy 1, Mountain Stream etc)

Of course, there is often a degree of overlap with photos relating to more than one category.  But all exploit the elements of light, colour, pattern and texture.

In most cases very little has been done to enhance the images: far greater attention has been given to selection and cropping.

See also About My Photographs, Why am I doing this? At the Water’s Edge, At the Water’s Edge 2, At the Water’s Edge 3,

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