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More Clichés and Everyday Expressions from Shakespeare

In an earlier entry I listed a selection of clichés and everyday expressions taken from Hamlet.  Below are a few from other plays by the bard:

A fool’s paradise          Romeo and Juliet
A foregone conclusion          Othello
 A tower of strength          Richard III
All the world’s a stage          As You Like It
An eye-sore          Taming of the Shrew
As white as driven snow          Winter’s Tale
Bated breath          Merchant of Venice
Budge an inch          Taming of the Shrew
Cold comfort          King John
Come full circle          King Lear
Devil incarnate          Henry V
Dead as a doornail          Henry VI part 2
Done to death          Much Ado About Nothing
 Eaten out of house and home          Henry IV part 2
Elbow room          King John
For goodness sake          Henry VIII
Good riddance          Troilus and Cressida
Hold a candle to          Merchant of Venice
I have not slept one wink          Cymbeline
Into thin air          The Tempest

For a more comprehensive list see http://www.lomonico.com

See also Shakespeare’s Clichés in Hamlet

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