Camera Sketch (14)

Tide: sand pattern and texture


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4 responses to “Camera Sketch (14)

  1. It actually feels like a bone fragment to me – I like it! (I think there a re a few typos there).

    • I like your interpretation Lynn. I.too. see that connection.
      My apologies for the typos. I’m the victim of macular degeberation and I quite frequently hit the key next door!

      • The key next door – I like that expression. I’m sorry to hear about the Macular degeneration – that’s really tough for a visual person. I often wonder if something like that happened to me, what would I do? Apparently many artists have had eye problems, so that shows us all is not lost – and you are still obviously enjoying what you see and creating all the time.

      • I’ve had the condition for three or four years now, but I take heart from Mon who didn’t do too badly without the support of modern medicine and modern technology!

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