What colour is a bluebell?

At this season of the year woodlands are often gloriously carpeted with extensive areas of blue.  It is bluebell time.  Surely the individual flowers that combine to create such magnificent spectacles must be blue?  But closer examination reveals that this is not always so.  Although the overall effect may be blue beyond doubt, individual flowers can comprise a variety of colours and shades  –  as in the example pictured below.


(Originally posted 26 May 2012)


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10 responses to “What colour is a bluebell?

  1. Gigi Galore

    Oh I love this! This composition with the colour and smooth, flat surface of the background is glorious!

  2. Blue can indeed but so much more than just “blue”. This gorgeous photo illustrates your point very well. I love the light, the colours and the use of a shallow depth of field.

  3. Good point – and what a beautiful photograph. I often look for those subtle variations in hue. I remember first becoming really aware of this as a girl, looking at the common Eastern North American Blue Jay. Their feathers range from an almost greenish blue to very lavender blues. I realized it was much more than just plain blue, and that was the beauty of it. Your picture conveys the lesson perfectly!

  4. I see, lots of color variation. Also, a lovely, simply composition. The diminutive bells speak for themselves.

  5. En masse they are a wonder to behold but you have captured their individual beauty perfectly here.
    I also like the cheeky little ant hiding in the corner 🙂

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