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Canna Variations

The veins in the leaves of a canna plant form long smooth curves reminiscent of the contours of downland scenery. In this series the veins have provided both a starting point and a as a common theme. but varied palettes have been used to create a range of interpretations.

Canna leaf unaltered
Canna Landscape 1


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Just passing by!

These photos were taken from the passenger seat of a car while travelling on the A508, using the camera on my smartphone.







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May time

A scene characteristic of the British countryside at this time  –  the combination of cow parsley, rape and (on a good day) a clear blue sky.


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Fisherman’s line. The Isle of Skye


February 10, 2016 · 8:00 am

Rural abstract



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Lichen on the rocks

I was attracted by the rich colours and fascinating textures of this patch of lichen on a granite outcrop.  There is a hint of a strange landscape, perhaps on another planet!


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Water, water everywhere!

The persistent rains of recent weeks, augmented now by flood water, have transformed normally dry roadside ditches into small streams, encouraging vigorous new shoots even in January.

The hedgerow behind the ditch contains the dead (but, in its own way, attractive) growth of the rosebay willowherb and similar plants.

In the field beyond the hedge, land that was previously marshy has become a small lake.


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‘Amid the alien corn’

Scenes such as this have been commonplace across the length and breadth of the UK in recent weeks.  Field upon field has been taken over by the acid yellow of rape seed plants.  The area under rape seed cultivation, and hence the amount of yellow, has expanded greatly in recent years.  Clearly it is commercially profitable.  But among the general public it is not unanimously welcome.  Many see the yellow as brash and jarring compared with the relatively subdued palette of the native vegetation.


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More through the window

These photos are part of the ‘As seen through the window’ project, the first selection of which were posted a few days ago.

St Andrew's - the village church, just over my garden wall


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