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Winter through the kitchen window

Two days ago we woke to discover that the landscape had been transformed overnight.  Fields, trees and buildings were covered with a blanket of snow  –  the first of  the winter  –   creating  a hushed, fairyland scene.

The photographs were taken looking out through the kitchen window.



The snow on the patio furniture provides an indication of the depth of the snowfall.



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‘Oh, what a beautiful morning!’

Following so much persistent rain it was a joy to wake on recent mornings to the picturesque, magical landscape provided by a dusting of snow and a heavy hoar frost.

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Yesterday morning the scene was enhanced by a veil of fog.


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More through the window

These photos are part of the ‘As seen through the window’ project, the first selection of which were posted a few days ago.

St Andrew's - the village church, just over my garden wall


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Another frosty morning

A carpet of snow, a sharp overnight frost, a light fog and, eventually, bright sunshine combined to make this a dream morning for picture taking.  The fog created soft focus images and the sunshine produced a clear blue sky to contrast with the frost on the trees.


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More snow scenes


Snowladen tree

Winter Walk

Feeding time

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