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Just think about it again (1)

‘Photography is not what’s important.  It’s seeing.  The camera, film, even pictures, are not important.’

‘The world is so full of beauty and meaning that there is enough of it for everybody to explore, to relish and to transform, each in his own way.’

Both quotations are from Algimantas Kezys



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Homage to the humble weed (4)

(For an introduction to this series see https://lagill6.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/homage-to-the-humble-weed/)

When the colour is removed and particular attention is given to shape, outlines and markings the images could sometimes, perhaps, be interpreted as initial designs intended  for other purposes.

For example, a drone:


An ordnance survey map:


Urban planning:


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Homage to the humble weed

By definition, a weed is an unwanted plant: an irritant that  upsets our sense of order and tidiness!  But, when observed closely, a weed often exhibits interesting features such as form, shape, pattern, texture and colour.  It can provide source material for creative development and expression

Each image in this series is an interpretation of a small weed (varying between  5 and 12 cms) growing in the cracks of my garden path.  In some instances the original background has been removed to emphasise the shape.

It is tempting to see a similarity in shape with artefacts or creatures e.g  an item of jewellery

or, perhaps, a prehistoric creature?!


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Please use the other door

The image below shows the door at the rear of a local church.  It makes quite an attractive picture but it does seem to pose a question: ‘How active is this church community?’



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It’s one o’clock

Just three days ago we were delighting in the beauty of the ‘humble’ dandelion.  Now the earliest flowers have had their season and the golden glow has been replaced by the familiar, feathery globe-shaped seedhead  –  the one o’clock.  Far from fading into oblivion, the plant displays a different kind of beauty.  Examine carefully the perfect design and pattern of the hundreds of florets, each with its own parachute.  The wonders of Nature!



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A beautiful yellow flower

Pause for a moment and enjoy the sheer beauty of the flower below  –  the soft elegance of its petals, the gentle clasp at the heart, the uplifting glow of its numerous shades of yellow and gold …..

But what is it?  Is it a chrysanthemum, or an aster or, perhaps, a dahlia?

It’s a Taraxacum Officinale.

A what?   I hear you ask.

A dens lionis, a pis en lis ….. you know, a dandelion.

Because it is regarded as an aggressive weed by gardeners the dandelion’s true beauty often passes unseen.  What a shame!  Do take another look.


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