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Naked trees and wintry sky





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By the water’s edge

Taken a few days ago on a visit to nearby Pitsford Reservoir.  It was a bright day, quiet and a little chilly  –  therapy for the soul!

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Two trees in Winter




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Trees in Winter









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The naked tree

At this time of the year there is comparatively little colour in the countryside.  The beauty of trees is now dependent upon their shapes and the patterns of the branches.  The pictures below show first the unedited photo and then a series of images processed from that original, each exploring a  different way of  presenting the characteristic features of the trees.






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Tree in Winter

Many deciduous trees have a special appeal during the winter months.  Bereft of their leaves, these trees display a naked honesty as they reveal their true shape and form.  The photo below was taken during the recent cold spell  –  there is evidence of snow on the branches  –  when the clean air and blue sky made even the smallest twigs perfectly clear.   I find the mesh of twigs and small shoots particularly attractive.
Tree in Winter

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