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Lady of Spain


May 22, 2020 · 7:00 am

Spanish Quarter


March 29, 2016 · 8:00 am

Pueblos blancos

Two more from the Pueblos Blancos

Pueblo 3 (1 of 1) copy copy




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Spanish boot sale

This photo was taken several years ago  –  before Spain became part of the Euro zone, as the price tag (and possibly the fashion) indicates.  It was a particularly colourful and attractive display  –  a memorable scene.in a Spanish side street.


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Seville gate and patio


May 19, 2014 · 8:00 am

Just leaving in the rain

It is Sunday morning in Santiago de Compostela and as the worshippers leave the cathedral after mass the rain falls

…..   and falls

…..  and continues to fall!


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Summer holiday

Even in Spain the sun doesn’t always shine!


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The Guitarists

What happens when boy meets girl in Seville?  They make music, of course!

The Guitarists. Seville


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Semana Santa III Seville and Malaga

The processions in the larger cities of Andalucia, such as Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Jaen, are far removed in character from the modest offerings of the smaller towns.  They are spectacular events and attract crowds in their thousands both from within Spain and further afield.

Seville alone has 105 cofradias and 55 pasos.  In addition to the minor processions during the week, the major processions set out from their 60 or so ‘home’ churches in the suburbs on Maunday Thursday and plan to arrive at the cathedral on the dawn of Good Friday.

 In Malaga the pasos are monumental and in some cases have to be assembled outside their churches because they are too large to pass through the doorway.  Many weigh more than a ton and some around 5 tons.  They are carried by between 24 -54 bearers (‘hombres de trono’), many of whom are hidden from view by a large curtain so that the paso appears to be floating.  The pasos are decorated with silver candelabra, richly embroidered robes and enormous numbers of aromatic flowers.  The ‘Virgen de las Penas’ is clad with more than 20000 carnations.  The number of participants is huge and it is not unusual for a procession to take 1½ hours to pass a particular point.  Spectators look on from balconies along the route and special stands (‘tribunas’) are erected.

 The bugles and drums of the smaller processions are replaced by bands.  Standard bearers and a few other key personnel wear brocaded tunics.  The senoras and senoritas following the major pasos wear mantillas (ornate black lace headdresses) and black dresses.

Madonna paso. Seville


Christ on the Cross


The standard bearers


Brocaded tunics


Senior penitents


Young recruite join the tradition




Let me light your candle



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Semana Santa I. The Penitents (‘nazarenos’)

For Spaniards a particularly important week in the year is Semana Santa  –  Holy Week.  In a tradition dating back to medieval times, floats (‘pasos’) comprising sculptured representations of biblical scenes are carried shoulder high through the streets of most cities and towns.  The floats are accompanied by penitents (or ‘nazarenos’) wearing inverted cone-shaped headgear (‘capriote’) with a hood into which eye holes are cut enabling the wearer to see but not be identified.  The procession moves at a very steady pace in time with the rhythmic beat of a muffled drum.  Every few minutes there is a pause to allow the bearers of the float (the ‘costaleros’) to relax their shoulders.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The processions are organised by religious fraternities (‘cofradias’) and brotherhoods.  The robes worn by the penitents differ in colour according to their particular brotherhood.  Some carry candles, rods or banners according to their level of seniority.  The most senior is the president who carries a golden rod.

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