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Follow that snowdrop!


This photo, taken a few weeks ago, was accidentally omitted from the ‘snowdrop post’ at that time, but somehow it seems to have particular relevance in the present climate. Even after the darkest days and most severe winter weather the seemingly fragile (but deceptively resilient) snowdrop returns to put a smile on our faces and bring promise of better things to come. What a wonderful example it provides!


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Snowdrop time

During the past two weeks snowdrops have appeared in growing numbers beneath hedgerows, in woodlands and on the verges beside the bridle way.  They will be with us for the next few weeks.

What joy these small flowers  brings at this time of the year!  With remarkable resilience the snowdrop forces its way through frozen earth, through matted ivies, nettles,  decaying leaves and fallen branches to produce a carpet of pure white.


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There can be few more uplifting sights than the banks of snowdrops that appear in abundance at this time of the year.  The resilience of these small flowers never ceases to amaze, however severe the weather might be.  In fact, this particular winter has been remarkably mild   –  so far!


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Bringing light to the dark days of Winter


February 10, 2015 · 8:00 am