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Outlook unsettled!


October 11, 2020 · 7:00 am

Eventide over Grange Farm



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The threatening cloud

This ‘skyscape’ was photographed from my garden a few days ago.  I was attracted by the confrontation between the blue sky and the threatening rain cloud.  At the leading edge of the cloud there appears to be a face  –  a personification of the conflict.


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Passing clouds

North Norfolk is noted for its flat landscape and its wide expanse of sky.  Along the coast the sea breezes produce a constantly changing skyscape.

Sometimes the mood is quiet, with clouds moving gently by.

Sometimes it is busy, with puffs of cloud scudding along, driven by the breeze.

And at other times there is a gathering together, an accumulation of cloud, in more ominous fashion.


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Calm waters

Yesterday’s ‘Evening’ photo was taken in the Shetland Isles, the most northern part of the UK  –  so far north that in an atlas they usually appear in an inset box to indicate that they are further north than the scale of the page will allow.  Below are three more pictures from the Isles.  They capture an idyllic calm of water, rocks and sky.


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The Lighthouse

The lighthouse pictured is La Corbière, situated at the south west tip of the Isle of Jersey.  The name means ‘a place where crows gather’, but the crows have long since been displaced by seagulls.

La Corbiere


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