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Just think about it! (27)



‘What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare’    William H Davies

‘And listen,’ we might add.

For some, the period of ‘lockdow’ has created changes to the pace and conditions of everyday life – the temporary removal of the hustle and bustle, the frantic activity and accompanying noise.

It seems an opportune time to examine our quiet moments a little more closely. For example:

  • Close your eyes for one minute; become aware of, and note mentally, each and every sound that breaks your silence. Notice its character and quality of the sound – was it harsh or gentle, loud or soft, natural or mechanical, near or far off etc.

  • Once more, close your eyes for one minute; become aware of the thoughts, ideas, distractions, feelings etc., that occur during that time.silence empty time?


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What happened next?

For each of the scenarios below, imagine you are standing, barefooted, at the water’s edge.  See the wave breaking, hear the sound. feel the movement of the water against your feet.  Relax!





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