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Seals and gannets

The Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland are famous for their wildlife including a wide range of seabirds and  mammals.  It is estimated that the seal population numbers approximately 6000 Common Seals and 3500 Grey Seals.

The Islands (and especially the Isle of Noss) have an estimated 20000 Gannets.  The Gannet is a large white bird with distinctive yellow head and a wing span of more than 6 feet.  It feeds by diving into the sea for fish and can dive from a height of 90+ feet, entering the water at a speed of more than 60 mph.   A Gannet can live to the age of 35 years.


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These pictures were taken on a brief visit to Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast.  From the quay daily excursions visit Blakeney Point, a natural habitat for seals and birds.


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A little more about Shetland

The landscape of the Islands is rugged and very varied.  It includes high cliffs, caves, sandy beaches, rolling moorland, heath and peat bogs.  Strong winter winds result in there being very few trees.  The varied terrain is home to thousands of seabirds  –  whimbrel, skuas, puffins, gannets etc.  Seals, otters and whales frequent the waters immediately around the Islands.

The severity of the winter winds is reflected in the structure and location of the homes of the people. The small croft or farmstead, often painted white, is a small single storey cottage, usually built from stone and located in the shelter of a hillside, as in the picture below.  Small pockets of population are scattered throughout the Islands in places least exposed to the elements.

The prosperity of the Islands diminished considerably over the centuries and in the years after World War II was at a very low ebb, but the establishment of the Highlands and Islands Development Board in 1965 and the presence of North Sea oil nearby has led to a period of growth and prosperity.

Even so, the strong community spirit and the importance attached to cultural skills and traditions is still evident in the many festivals and group activities.


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