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Raindrop patterns

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April 12, 2019 · 8:00 am

Movement in black and white


January 25, 2016 · 8:00 am

Points of view

The first picture is a (colour exaggerated) photograph of light reflecting from the ripples produced by the wake of a swimmer in a swimming pool.


The second picture is the same image rotated ninety degrees anticlockwise  –  but,interestingly, it seems to take on the appearance of a grazing animal!   There is a moral here  –  something about appreciating that on many occasions there is more than one point of view!


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Ruffled but unruffled

The rippling reflections of a moored boat create interesting patterns and textures that contrast with the smooth, graceful  movement of the swan.



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Sunlight on the sea (2)

Sunlight playing on the rippling waves, creating abstract patterns.


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Puddles on the roof

The day had been wet, dull and generally miserable.  Not a day for venturing out with a camera.  But when I looked through the bedroom window my attention was drawn to the patterns caused by rain falling into the puddles on the flat roof of the garage below.  There is always a picture worth taking somewhere!


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‘The rain it raineth every day’

It hasn’t really rained every day  –   but the breaks have been few and far between.  (In the UK 2012 was officially the second wettest year since records began in 1912).  But, in any case, the title of this post seemed very appropriate for twelfth night!!  Besides, I like the patterns.


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Two from the reservoir

The fog that shrouded the reservoir made distance shots difficult  –  the blurring of shapes caused focusing problems for the camera.

However, the still, smooth water provided an inviting playground for the water fowl  –  the coots, moorhens, tufted ducks, grebes etc.  They dipped and dived excitedly while the swans glided elegantly and disdainfully by.

The first picture shows a coot  having just surfaced  –  hence the ripples.  (I have two other shots of just ripples, the bird having dipped at the crucial moment!)

At the water’s edge a mosaic of colourful, floating autumn leaves broke up the reflections of the trees to which they once belonged.


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Reeds, Reflections and Ripples

Taken on a showery April afternoon, the scurrying clouds adding their own reflections to those of the reeds.

Reeds, Reflections and Ripples


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At the Water’s Edge 5

I was attracted by the reflection of the sky colour on the wet sand and by the sunlight playing on the waves.


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Sunlight on Water

Sunlight on Water

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Reflections on The Broads

Light plays on the ripples created by passing pleasure craft.

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