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Waterfowl at Pitsford Reservoir (PItsford 2)

The waterfowl were enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of the reservoir.

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By the water’s edge

Taken a few days ago on a visit to nearby Pitsford Reservoir.  It was a bright day, quiet and a little chilly  –  therapy for the soul!

P1060086a copy




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Something fishy!

Down at the reservoir, while the coots were cooting and the swans were swanning, across the causeway four anglers were …..  well, what were they doing?  Two boats, each with two anglers, were nestled together, but only one angler had a fishing rod and, even more strangely, he had two rods in one hand!!  It was all very odd and I’ve no idea what was going on!


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Courting Coots

It’s Springtime down at the reservoir  and the coots are responding, as guided by nature.  They are not normally particularly ‘showy’ birds but their courting and mating ritual is quite a lively affair (no pun intended!)

The first encounter: ‘Hello.  Do you swim here often?’

Getting acquainted: ‘You’re a fine looking bird.’

An intruder arrives:  ‘Go away!  I saw her first.  Scoot, Coot!’

Whoops!  Hey, what’s going on?

‘OK!  OK!  Enough!  I submit.’


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Two from the reservoir

The fog that shrouded the reservoir made distance shots difficult  –  the blurring of shapes caused focusing problems for the camera.

However, the still, smooth water provided an inviting playground for the water fowl  –  the coots, moorhens, tufted ducks, grebes etc.  They dipped and dived excitedly while the swans glided elegantly and disdainfully by.

The first picture shows a coot  having just surfaced  –  hence the ripples.  (I have two other shots of just ripples, the bird having dipped at the crucial moment!)

At the water’s edge a mosaic of colourful, floating autumn leaves broke up the reflections of the trees to which they once belonged.


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November morning

Yesterday morning we experienced the first extensive autumn fog of the year.

In the sheep field the trees took on a spectral appearance.

At the local reservoir the mirror-like water and shroud of fog melted into a seamless infinity.

The fruit tree at the bottom of the garden struggled valiantly to make its presence known.


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Go away!

The swan was intent on chasing away the intruder.  The ducks just couldn’t watch the carnage!

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