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Poppy abstract 1

The rain and high winds of the past week have played havoc in the garden.  The red poppies have been particularly badly hit and their flowering season has been shortened.  On a more positive note, the fading petals have produced patterns akin to abstract paintings.  I shall be posting one or two of these images over the coming days.


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Poppy time

This view of our garden was taken through a rear window of the house  –  hence the interference of reflections in places and a consequent softening of the focus.  But, in particular, I wanted to capture the impact of the few vibrant splashes of red.  The poppies add a ‘zing’ to the scene.

But stay a little longer with an individual flower.  Marvel at the pattern at the heart of the flower.

Notice the nuances of colour as the petals reflect the sunlight.


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