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Past times?


Tine seems to have passed slowly in Blakeney.  The scene pictured in the previous post must have looked much the same a century ago.  To the left of the harbour photo two ‘crabbers’ are enjoying dangling their lines.  At the opposite end of the quay there is a stall selling cockles, mussels, crab and similar delicacies fresh from the sea.

But my attention was drawn particularly to the bicycle pictured above, resting against the railings skirting the quay.  Within living memory only the currency has changed!



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Mooring points

‘Why photograph rusty old mooring points?’ you may ask.  The simple answer is that I get pleasure from the random patterns, the vibrant colours and the contrasting textures.






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On the quay

A quay or harbour can be an plentiful source for a photographer with an interest shapes, patterns, textures etc as the selection below illustrate:

Mooring ring

Disused fishing net

Fisherman’s keep box

Lobster pots

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Change and Decay: Retired Rudder

Against the old lifeboat house in Periglis Bay rests a retired rudder.  Its days of usefulness long since passed, it has fallen into a state of decay.  Oil-caked boards, peeling paint and encroaching rust create an image combining colour, pattern and texture.

Retired Rudder

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