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Abstract 271



May 26, 2016 · 8:00 am

Creating a splash!

I constantly marvel at the energy, the power of fast moving water.  I have in my garden a small  –  very small  –  pond with a correspondingly small fountain.  The fall of the cascade measures in inches  –  18 inches at most  –  and yet the ferocity with which it churns up an otherwise still surface is amazing and creates its own sense of drama.


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Pond Abstract

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The face in the pond

I had taken a few photos of water lily pads after a shower and was playing with them, as one does, when I became aware of company.  There, in the top right corner, was a face  –  a somewhat impish face watching my every move.  I decided to add two red dots to the eyes, perhaps emphasizing his mischievous character.  The dots are the only addtions to the original picture.

Just a little devilish fun!


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