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What colour is the pink poppy?

Below is a photograph of a pink oriental poppy.  The second and third images are enlarged sections of the same photograph: they have not been manipulated in any other way.

What colour is the poppy?

How many different shades can be identified?

Which of these is the ‘real’ colour of the poppy?

What colour is the poppy?




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Rose Bay Willow Herb

There are more waves to come but today we’ll have something a little different.


The rosy florets of bay willow

By hoary breath of some enchanter

Are translated into feathery plumes,

White as angel wings,

And leaves, brittle red and papery thin,

Carpet the thirsty brown soil.

                                         Margaret Gill

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From the garden

White Agapanthus

Blue Agapanthus

Water Lily


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Night at the Ballet

The slightly later flowering poppies  –  such as ‘Mrs Perry’ (pink) and ‘Perry’s White’  –  avoided the worst of the rains and are surviving a little longer.  The title for this posting was clearly suggested by the photo below.


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Abstract 123 ‘Shades of Pink’

When introducing Abstract 122 ‘Crocus’ I wrote, ‘My interest is primarily in the colours, the lines, the textures and, above all, the feelings evoked in the viewer.’  The source of the present ‘abstract’ is a cyclamen and the colour range, as the title indicates, is restricted to shades of pink. Again I am mainly interested in the instinctive response of the viewer.  This is not a botanical record.

Shades of Pink


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