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Dreaming of the New Forest


August 4, 2020 · 7:00 am

‘William woz ere!’


This broken down tree root in the New Forest evoked stories  of events that occurred a thousand years ago.  The Forest was created by King William I  (William the Conqueror)  when he ruthlessly drove the residents of 36 parishes from their homes in order to claim the land for his hunting activities.  On William’s death, the Forest was inherited by his son, also a William (William Rufus)  William Rufus was not popular and died in a shooting ‘accident’ in the forest, although there remains a strong suspicion that he was assassinated.

So, maybe William was here, even if this particular tree wasn’t!


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In the New Forest

A favourite hunting ground of William the Conqueror.



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Animals of the New Forest


The New Forest is well known for its ponies.  Ponies ar everywhere.  There are more than 3000 of them and they are permitted to roam freely –  a concession granted in the 1079 charter.  They feed particularly on the heathland and roadside verges and can regularly be seen ambling through the main streets of small towns and villages.  At all times animals have right of way in the Forest.  Speed limits are set accordingly.

But the ponies are not ‘wild’.  Each is owned by a ‘commoner’ (a resident in the Forest) and is branded and registered for identification.  Many are used for gymkhanas, riding schools etc.   There are strict rules enforced to protect the purity of the breed and they are rounded up periodically to check their health and general condition.

Small numbers of cattle, donkeys and even a few pigs similarly enjoy the freedom to roam.  The Forest also has several varieties of deer but, by their nature, they are far less conspicuous.




Occasionally they can become a little overfriendly!


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A walk in the New Forest (2)

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At this time, April, the trees are only just coming into leaf.  The sunlight is able to penetrate the canopy of the woodland, picking out clearly the shapes and textures of the trees and creating attractive reflections on the surface of streams.  The heathland is ablaze with the vibrant golden yellow of the gorse.  But this is primarily a world of intimate beauty rather than spectacular grandeur.











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