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Dreaming of the New Forest


August 4, 2020 · 7:00 am

Abstract 418


July 1, 2020 · 7:00 am

Impressions of the salt marshes

The salt marshes of North Norfolk  provide an endless source of inspiration for the creative artist  An atmosphere of quiet stillness is broken on by the occasional birdsong or, from time to time, a passing plane.  The moods and colours can change dramatically, and quickly, depending on changing weather conditions.

This series comprises a collection of impressions evoked by the marshes.  The longer the viewer can spend with each image the stronger will the sense of place become.







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Just think about it! (6)

‘Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’       Abraham Lincoln

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Flowering Grass

Flowering grasses have fascinated me for many years and have provided a recurring subject for my photography.  It is not the botanical detail that interests me but, rather, the way in which grasses interact with the elements  –  sun, wind, rain and snow.  It is the ‘behaviour’ of grasses  –  sometimes playful, sometimes mysterious, whispering or bold  –  against an unobtrusive background that intrigues me.

Flowering grass

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