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November morning

Yesterday morning we experienced the first extensive autumn fog of the year.

In the sheep field the trees took on a spectral appearance.

At the local reservoir the mirror-like water and shroud of fog melted into a seamless infinity.

The fruit tree at the bottom of the garden struggled valiantly to make its presence known.


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Sea mist

At 11am it was a bright sunny morning on Camber Sands.  Parents and children were at play  –  balls were being hit, frisbees tossed, sand castles were being built.  Then, very suddenly, the scene was lost as a blanket of dense sea mist blew in, quite rapidly.  All sound seemed stifled.  Visibility was reduced to 40 or 50 metres.

After 15 or so minutes the mist lifted, almost as quickly as it had arrived.  As it dispersed silhouettes of figures emerged, at first as vague shapes and then in clearer form.


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Foggy day

After the snow came the fog!  On the neighbouring farm ghostly shapes of animals and trees appeared and disappeared.

Foggy morning


Foggy morning 2

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