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The poster girl

My post of a few days ago (https://lagill6.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/snowdrop-design/) drew comments on the use and effect of different colours for the same  image.  To develop the experiment further, I resurrected an old black and white portrait and, with apologies to Andy Warhol, created this picture.


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A quiet smile

This portrait was one of a series that included an earlier post, A private moment.  In each case there is an enigmatic quality about the sitter’s expression


With this image I experimented to discover whether moving the face within the frame affects the viewer’s interpretation of the smile.  Obviously, the captions below are purely personal suggestions.


1     Leaving friends following an amusing incidwnt


2     ‘I’ll close my eyes and you hide’.


3     Secretly watching from an upper window as her child plays happily with playmates.


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Free as a bird

It is strange how pictures sometimes take over the imagination and reveal layers of interpretation that were not originally planned.  I was initially attracted to this feather because of the pattern and texture produced by the raindrops.  I then decided to emphasize the natural divisions by separating them and discovered that in doing so I had effectively created the impression of bars  –  perhaps the bars of a cage or of a prison cell.  Suddenly the picture took on a whole new life  –  it became heavily laden with symbolism.  The title is deliberately ambiguous to accommodate a wide range of interpretations.

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