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We’re off to see the Wizard

I was attracted to this patch of seaweed by the range of colours, shapes and textures.  It was only when I was processing the image later that I noticed the wizard/magician/Merlin figure.

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Driftwood. Poverty or piety?

It is not uncommon to find ‘interesting’ pieces of driftwood that resemble fantasy creature, such as the ‘Ksarmathaurus’ I posted in April.  The image below is of a piece found on the same beach near Agadir in Morocco.  I am fairly sure that it is what remains of a decaying palm trunk, but whatever it is I was attracted by the rather gentle, downcast figure it seemed to suggest.  It could equally be a devout young lady.


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The Negotiators

During our recent three days break in Suffolk I took quite a few photos of reeds bordering the lakes.  The image below caught my eye because I immediately saw some form of encounter taking place between the group on the left and the group on the right.  The nature of their exchange I leave to your imagination.

The Negotiators


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