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Glastonbury Tor


Glastonbury Tor  is a prominent, terraced, cone shaped hill on top of which  is a solitary, roofless church tower.  This is all that remains of a sixteenth century church dedicated to St Michael.  Excavations have shown that there was an earlier church on the sire, also dedicated to St Michael  The Tor is located on the Somerset Levels and at its highest point is 518 feet above sea level.  It is visible for many miles around.

Like many other sacred sites in the British Isles, Glastonbury Tor has given birth to an extensive collection of myths and legends.  Since the thirteenth century it has been identified with Avalon, of Arthurain legend fame, and the supposed coffin of Arthur’s  Queen Guinevere was found nearby in 1191.  The site is also believed by some to have been visited by Joseph of Arimathea and could be a possible location of the Holy Grail.

For these and many other reasons Glastonbury Tor has acquired a spiritual significance for people of diverse beliefs and interests.


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