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October 13, 2017 · 8:00 am

Creating a splash!

I constantly marvel at the energy, the power of fast moving water.  I have in my garden a small  –  very small  –  pond with a correspondingly small fountain.  The fall of the cascade measures in inches  –  18 inches at most  –  and yet the ferocity with which it churns up an otherwise still surface is amazing and creates its own sense of drama.


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Pond fountain

My small garden pond  –  and it is very small  –  is a constant source of pleasure.  The sound of running water, the changing patterns of bubbles, the flashes of gold from the fish, the leaves and flowers of the water lilies etc, all combine to soothe the frenzied brow and create a relaxing diversion from the busy world.  High on this ‘purr list’ is the sight of water gushing joyfully from the fountain.  In this photo I have attempted to capture an impression of the moment rather than a freeze-frame replica.

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Fountain patterns

I went into the garden this morning to photograph the few icicles surrounding the fish pond.  They were decidely uninteresting.  Instead I became engrossed in the patterns created by the water gushing from the fountain into the pond.



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