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Just think about it! (15)


I was reminded of this passage when photographing the snowdrops the other day.

‘We are usually only dimly aware  –  if we’re aware at all  –  of the converging of information from our senses when we experience an event.  We’re so dependent on seeing that we tend to ignore what the other senses are communicating.
The photographer, the poet, the painter, or the composer who is locked into only the visual phenomena of the sunset may miss the heart of what was actually being experienced.’                               John Daido Loori

The challenge for the photographer/painter is how to express and communicate what he/she feels as well as sees.


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Yellow feeling

This picture is intended as semi- abstract pattern in yellow.  Yes, its source is fairly clear but try to close down the left brain, the logical/reasoning side, and focus on the feeling/the mood evoked by the various shades of yellow.  It would help if you click the image to enlarge it.  The purpose is not to make clear the details but rather to increase the expanse of yellow.  Enjoy this ‘yellow feeling’ for its own sake.

How was it for you?  What feeling(s) did you experience?


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