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Lady in Green




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Abstract ‘Elegance’


February 18, 2017 · 8:00 am

The Swan’s Toilette

We think of the swan as probably the most elegant of birds, and there is a grace about the swan that suggests it is is aware of its aristocratic status.  But beauty and elegance require constant attention to detail, and this proud bird can regularly be found in some quiet corner of the reservoir preening and cleaning.


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Bamboo silhouette

Of the various shrubs in my garden I feel the bamboo is the most elegant.  I like, too, the way in which it dances and ‘whistles’ in the breeze.  I am less happy about its virulent and aggressively invasive root system.  Its all about balance I suppose!!


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Night at the Ballet

The slightly later flowering poppies  –  such as ‘Mrs Perry’ (pink) and ‘Perry’s White’  –  avoided the worst of the rains and are surviving a little longer.  The title for this posting was clearly suggested by the photo below.


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