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Carnival time! (part 2)

Unfortunately, it has never been my good fortune to be in Venice at Carnival time.  The pictures in this post and the previous one were taken several weeks later.  But so deeply ingrained are the masks in the ‘Venetian scene’ they remain available in shops throughout the year.  The photos were taken through the glass of shop windows  –  hence, my apologies for the poor quality of the images.

One further point needs to be stressed; the masks are obviously only one part of the costumed appearance.  To appreciate their full impact, and their contribution to the Carnival context, please visit one of the many internet sites devoted to the subject.

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Mug shots

Like the pencil in my previous post, this mug has been rescued from the debris on my desk and accorded ‘still life’ status.



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Abstract 114 ‘Unchained’


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